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Secure Giving

 During our recent Continuing the Mission campaign, many of you utilized the option to give via credit card.  On several occasions since, we have been asked "Can we make our weekly offertory contribution on our credit card as well?"  The answer now is YES!

We are excited to announce a new, easy and safe way to give
 here at the Church of St. Rosalie! 

Faith Direct is a secure and convenient way to fulfill your weekly stewardship offertory contribution.  Our generous parishioners now have the option of giving via credit card or a direct debit from your checking or savings account.  There are several benefits to this new way of giving:

Reasons to Make Your Stewardship Gift Through Faith Direct
1.  No more checks to write or envelopes to find
2.  52 weeks of predictable income for St. Rosalie
3.  Greater security than cash or checks
4.  No cost for you to participate
5.  Online control of your financial giving including special collections
6.  Reduction of envelope and postage expense for St. Rosalie
7.  Quicker posting and recordkeeping for our parish office staff
8.  Your financial stewardship commitment will be fulfilled

When you enroll, Faith Direct will provide you with offertory cards to place in the basket during the collections so you will continue to actively participate in the offertory. 

Faith Direct is a dependable and widely used service for electronic giving, like other electronic funds transfers you may be using already for your mortgage or utilities.  With Faith Direct you can designate the amount of money that will be debited from your account or charged to your credit card on a monthly basis. And importantly, Faith Direct safeguards your giving information and provides you with an annual contribution statement, even though you will see your gift clearly itemized on your monthly bank or credit card statement.

We hope you will join us in embracing this new way of sharing our financial gifts with the Church of St. Rosalie! 


Our Parish Code, if needed is NY275